Bouquet + Fat Fairy Cupcakes+ Olden Candle

Bouquet + Fat Fairy Cupcakes+ Olden Candle

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Beautiful mixed bouquet with  tasty Fat Fairy Cupcakes and the most gorgeous smelling candle from Olden Candle Company, The ultimate perfect Special Mother’s Day Gift. Limited availability. 

only available for delivery on Saturday 26th March and Sunday 27th March for local deliveries only please check postcode 

Candle Info 
The most floral scent in the range. It’s got a gentle vibe with jasmine, lavender and pear which sit on top of earthy sandalwood and amber.

Small batch, soy wax candles which are always vegan friendly and do not contain parabens (nasty stuff).

Roughly a 40 hour burn time.

Net weight - 220g

Candle Care

When you first burn your candle, keep it going until the melt pool reaches the width of the container (roughly 3 hours). A larger melt pool will help stop tunnelling and increase the scent throw.

Before burning each time, trim the wick to around 1/4 of an inch. It makes for a much cleaner burn and a brighter, more stable flame.